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we travel together, practice trend sports and protect the environment
Trashore is an international youth project for awareness-raising mainly in the field of environmental protection and cultural diversity, where young people with different cultural backgrounds travel together, get in touch with different trend sports like surfing and clean the beaches or locations they are visiting! Our aim is to demonstrate the youngsters, the bad conditions of many places and offer them a great opportunity
to change this fact by voluntarily collecting waste and being a role-model for others.

Besides environmental protection another objective is to arouse enthusiasm in young people for physical exercise by promoting trend sport activities. Due to the fact, that obesity as a lack of exercise and unhealthy
lifestyle is a huge problem of young europeans these days, it is an important opportunity to show them, how much fun it
is to be active! moreover our young people get the chance to dive into young and idealistic subcultures like the surf-scene and experience a whole new attitude towards life.

Besides that the participants create artworks.
Out of the collected trash to give it a new life and make a long lasting impact. As a supporting program a lot of different workshops and presentations are organized. They cover a lot of important topics like environmental protection, nature, trend sports and, intercultural workshops and many more.
travel, surf and save tomorrow – copyright: gernot passath 2011